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"A Preshias Night Of Music" Event Set at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville

Event is Scheduled for Tuesday, June 25th at 6 PM and Benefits Preshias Harris “The Songwriter’s Best Friend”

Featuring Scott Lindsey, Brady Seals, Dave Gibson, Keesy Timmer, Brice Long, Marla Cannon-Goodman, Elvie Shane, Mikayla Lane, Bridgette Tatum, & More 

Photograph Credit: Preshias Harris

Nashville, TN. – June 20th, 2024) – Country Rewind Records, D2 Design Lab, FURCH,  MAGIC HILLS PARTNERS, Radio SoBro, and STUDIO (A Boutique Bank) invite you to an unforgettable evening of love and music to benefit music industry veteran Preshias Harris. ALL ticket proceeds will go directly to Harris and she will be in attendance. The show is scheduled for Tuesday, June 25th, from 6 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. at 3rd and Lindsley with a stellar lineup of live performances. Tickets can be purchased at the door or directly through 3rd and Lindsley HERE.


Artists/songwriters performing throughout the night include Scott Lindsey, Brady Seals, Dave Gibson, Keesy Timmer, Brice Long, Marla Cannon-Goodman, Elvie Shane, Mikayla Lane, Bridgette Tatum, Chasity Bailey, Jessie Brackin, Brooke Spencer and Andrew Vendelis, Macartney Reinhardt, Zac Grace, Gave Walsh, Dawson Slade, Parker LeBlanc, Chris, Shupe, Grady James, Justin Duke, Blaine Craft, and Caleb Mills.


Preshias Harris has been a friend, guide, guardian, and cheerleader for emerging songwriters and artists for over thirty years, giving generously of her time and talent. Now, two heart attacks, bypass surgery, and a serious fall are resulting in multiple hospitalizations and mounting expenses.


Harris has had a challenging medical history and now has surpassed ninety surgeries: everything from two kidney transplants, every kind of cancer, a near-fatal battle with hemochromatosis, and replacement of both knees and hips as a result of end-stage renal bone disease.


In September 2023, Harris was suffering severe chest pains and it was determined she had suffered at least two heart attacks. She was admitted to Ascension St. Thomas Midtown’s ICU to be stabilized before undergoing heart bypass surgery at St. Thomas West. During the surgery it was discovered that her heart was ‘fused’ to her left lung, requiring an additional procedure to separate the organs. Not long after being discharged, she was readmitted suffering from pericarditis, a painful inflammation of the membrane encasing the heart.


As Harris was on the road to recovery, in February 2024, she had a serious fall, lacerating her face and hands and shattering her right elbow. She was admitted to the hospital again, this time for extensive and intricate elbow reconstruction and repair to nerve damage, followed by in-patient care at a Skilled Nursing Facility, and readmittance to the hospital for additional procedures.


Four hospitalizations in four months, with additional scheduled, have put Harris under considerable strain – both emotional and financial – with mounting bills even after the portion covered by insurance.


Through all these challenges, Harris has continued to maintain her focus on her ‘kids’ (as she lovingly refers to the songwriters and singers whom she mentors). She knows that many of her ‘kids’ face financial concerns as they chase their dreams, so she keeps her fees affordable by working part-time night shifts at St. Thomas Hospital taking no management fees or publishing shares.


In 2022, Harris was surprised at the Nashville Songwriters Association International Awards when she was presented with NSAI’s Friend of Songwriters medallion and received a standing ovation. Despite her daunting challenges, Preshias Harris is determined to continue being a songwriter’s best friend, but now she needs our help.


If you are unable to attend but wish to donate, please visit her GoFundMe campaign HERE. Thank you for your kindness and generosity!